Day: April 18, 2019

Is a Small Business Franchise The Answer?

Ever thought about starting your own business, but can’t decide what business to start? Buying a small business franchise could be the answer. But before you jump head long into franchise ownership, you’ll want to carefully weigh the pros and cons of buying this kind of business. Below is a short list to get you thinking about the positives and negatives of buying a franchise.

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Immediate Brand Name

A definite benefit of buying a franchise is the brand name that goes along with it. Most likely you will not have to build awareness of your product or service with the target market as the franchiser will have built that over time for you.

Support Structure in Place

Usually the franchiser has support available for the new franchisee. This support could be help with hiring, daily business operations, coaching, mentoring, training, or a host of other support functions to help you be successful running the business.

Established Customer Base

Most franchises are business that have been operating successfully for some time. They have a time tested product or service and have an established customer base. When you buy a franchise you leverage the businesses hard work in acquiring a customer base … Readmore