Day: June 23, 2019

Why Is Weed Detoxification Shampoo Essential Prior To The Drug Test?

In the past 30 days in the US, around 30 million people consumed some kind of illicit drug. That’s around 10% of the whole population. That’s a huge number. So many people find joy and relaxation in using recreational marijuana. This is the most commonly used drug of them all. See some more facts about drug use in America here.

Seeing these numbers can give you a clear idea about how many people go to work under influence or at least smoked a little weed the night before going to work. Of course, the effects of the THC are not so long lasting and it doesn’t mean that you’re going to work high, but it seems like not everyone thinks this way.

Your employer is probably one of these people. It seems like employers hate the idea of their employees smoke before and after work. This makes no sense since you have your own private life, but your boss will demand a punishment if they find out you’ve been smoking.

That’s why regular drug tests are conducted at the workplace. The consequences of getting a positive result on the examination will most probably mean getting fired. If you have … Readmore