Day: August 26, 2019

How to Create an Effective Retail Execution Strategy?

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According to researches, many companies lose 25% of sales every year because of the ineffectiveness of their retail execution strategy. This means that strong practices are crucial if you want to increase your retail sales figure in the long run. But developing an in-store action plan does not consist of just opening doors and putting every products on the shelves. It is about designing a multi-faceted and efficient approach in order to pair analytical insights with dynamic on-the-ground support. Here is how to manage elaborating the right retail execution strategy for your brand.

Your Merchandising and Asset Management Should Reflect your Story

When you talk about execution strategy, the first and the most important parameter to be taken into account is obviously the shelf management in retail. In other words, you must put in place the best showcasing system for your products. For this purpose, clarity, consistency and compelling displays are essential. You have to ensure that the shelves and the hangers are correctly stocked and that you have more merchandise that is ready to go in back. And more importantly, the good signage and the demo products should tell a gripping story that suit your target clients.