Day: September 4, 2019

Healthier Homes with Air Cooler

Dry skin, chapped lips, or itchy and clogged nose are common symptoms if you stay too long in an environment that is too dry. One of them is air-conditioned room. Air Cooler functions to restore lost moisture by spraying water vapor into the room.

In addition to maintaining air humidity in the room, Air Cooler, especially the solar air cooler also has a number of health benefits, both body health and the health of the room where you live. However, Air Cooler cannot be used as long as possible. Mistakes in using humidifer water can actually damage its function and even turn around to endanger yourself.

Good for skin health

Dry air can cause skin irritation and hair loss. Hot water vapor (spray water) sprayed by the Air Cooler can neutralize the humidity in the room so that any skin moisture, including the scalp, returns to normal.

Air Cooler is also used for the treatment of several skin diseases such as psoriasis and thyroid disorders.

Air Cooler makes housing healthy

Regardless of the room inside the house using air conditioner or not, the air inside must have been contaminated with pollution from the surrounding environment. Air Cooler can clean polluted … Readmore