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Differences Between Investing In Gold and Silver


If you wish to purchase precious metals for investment purposes, the main question that you should ask yourself is whether you should choose gold or silver.

Both gold and silver bars are favorite among investors, and you should know the differences between them so that you can choose with ease.

It is important to remember that both are precious metals, which means that they are rare and wanted in the world.

However, when it comes to investing in these two commodities, you should understand distinctions between them because that will help you determine the best investment possible.

  1. Silver Price Tends To Be More Volatile Than Gold

We have to start by saying that the total supply of new silver every single year reaches approximately one billion ounces, while gold quantity is 120 million ounces. Therefore, we have to state that the silver market is eight times bigger than gold.

However, that is not true because of the price differences. Since silver comes with a low price, the overall annual supply is much smaller in value than gold.

You will need a small amount of money so that you can affect its price, which is not the case with other assets … Readmore

Choose Best Digital Marketing Plan

Timeline for Brand Agencies

Choose Best Digital Marketing Plan

Digital marketing agencies are thinking about including Facebook’s Timeline as part of their marketing strategy? Are you pondering over the benefits of Timeline?

At present, Facebook’s latest fad is enjoyed by personal profiles only. Will it be shared with brand pages is still not clear. But, considering Facebook’s history with regards to design alterations and how such alterations are initially limited to users and then on to brands, Timeline will soon follow suit.

This post will detail the importance of Timeline to brand agencies.
Users and Timeline

Facebook profiles have gone through a total turnaround exhibiting a slick new design and huge cover photos.
Digital marketing agencies take note – Timeline is like a journal for a user’s time spent on Facebook.

Open Graph with Customized Actions

2011 saw Facebook launching Open Graph, permitting businesses to interact with a user’s social graph on Facebook. In 2012, it offered major changes which permitted app developers to craft customized actions utilizing any verb or object linked to the activity around the app.

Such actions can be set by the app developer and dispersed right through the Facebook interface.

The Marketers Game Plan

Once … Readmore

Is a Small Business Franchise The Answer?

Ever thought about starting your own business, but can’t decide what business to start? Buying a small business franchise could be the answer. But before you jump head long into franchise ownership, you’ll want to carefully weigh the pros and cons of buying this kind of business. Below is a short list to get you thinking about the positives and negatives of buying a franchise.

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Immediate Brand Name

A definite benefit of buying a franchise is the brand name that goes along with it. Most likely you will not have to build awareness of your product or service with the target market as the franchiser will have built that over time for you.

Support Structure in Place

Usually the franchiser has support available for the new franchisee. This support could be help with hiring, daily business operations, coaching, mentoring, training, or a host of other support functions to help you be successful running the business.

Established Customer Base

Most franchises are business that have been operating successfully for some time. They have a time tested product or service and have an established customer base. When you buy a franchise you leverage the businesses hard work in acquiring a customer base … Readmore

Preserve Your Rugs With Professional Rug Cleaning

It’s not just your carpets that need special care when it comes to cleaning. The same goes for your rugs as well. In fact, you probably need to clean your rugs more often than your carpet because they are the first thing your shoes touch when you enter your home; so all that dirt that has collected from outdoors onto your shoes rubs off on the rug even if most of it gets wiped off on the welcome mat before you enter.

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If you practice a no shoes policy, yourself, your family members and your guests probably remove the shoes while standing on the rug to avoid getting any dirt on your carpet. You probably care less if your hallway rug gets dirty because it’s portable and can be cleaned, where carpet cleaning is more of a bother.

However, appearances are very important to most homeowners. The more visits your house receives, the more unsightly that entrance rug becomes and it could leave a horrible first impression to your guests. The dirtier the rug gets, the more damage is caused to the fibres, so the rug cleaning has to be performed on a fairly regular basis.

Welcome mats and entry … Readmore

Wms – Proven Organic Seo

Not everyone believes that constituting in the lead first page results is inevitably the most virtuous matter. On that point are many subjects that depict how merely existing in the first 4 pages for a specific search is enough. More searchers are being patient in scrolling through a variety of websites to see which best fits their need, and will conduct a smart search to see which website is helpful.

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Since additional masses of people acquire high-velocity Internet service. Intrinsically, equaling the seventh or eighth website a searcher lands at can be beneficial; since the searcher already browsed through the first few sites to make sure he/she do not miss out on any product or service opportunities, the searcher may be fed up with searching and decide to stick with his 7th or 8th most relevant websites, of course this relies solely on the type of person searching, and thats why search engines and searchers alike possess numerous variables.

As a web designer codes creates a website, among the final stage codes are meta-tags that search engines apply to determine where to land a site in a search engine’s archive. Search Engine Robots also use other factors such as relevant … Readmore

Small Water Heaters – Your Options

Small water heaters, also known as compact or mini water heaters, are great for certain usages and for the most part, are inexpensive. What is the best way to use them and what should you look for when trying to decide on a specific model?

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A hot water system is best used to heat water in a garage, shop or out building. They can be used to heat any water outlet that is not connected to the unit that heats the water in the rest of the home. They range in size from 3 gallon tanks to 17 gallon tanks and they are often small enough in size to fit under a sink.

When researching a good one to purchase, consider these factors.

1) Price. Do not buy a cheap one. While they may seem like good values, it is known throughout the industry that cheap minis are a waste of money. They won’t work well and they will break down quickly. Expect to spend in the one hundred and fifty dollar range.

2) Warranty. Look for a six year warranty, minimum. Some units will come with nine year or twelve year warranties. Obviously, these are better. There is not … Readmore