Laporan Teknik Sipil

business model canvas adalahKnow-how plays an important role in business. Shareholder advantages together with one minimum variety of shareholders, no requirement for a local shareholder, shareholders can meet wherever depending upon the state of affairs of the business, information of shareholders can’t be publicly accessed. Amazon, Apple, Fb, Addidas, Starbucks, and many others. are all the companies that are major players available in the market immediately however then, they too, throughout time, were just novices or to be more precise, startups.

Consumer to Business dapat diartikan segmentasi pasar dimana konsumen akhir bertindak sebagai penjual sedangkan perusahaan bertindak sebagai pembeli atau dapat diartikan Konsumen memberitahukan kebutuhan atas suatu produk atau jasa tertentu, dan perusahaan pemasok bersaing untuk menyediakan produk atau jasa tersebut dan aktivitas ini dilakukan secara elektronis dengan menggunakan jaringan internet.

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