Top 3 rules to become a dominating trader

Top 3 rules to become a dominating trader

You cannot just assume that a trading system is all about entering and exiting trades. There is more to it than that. You will need proper plans and rules set in a trading system. There’s no way you can imagine making money without knowing about different aspects of the trading system. From afar, it might seem pretty simple, but the truth is, it has several complex issues that may be very hard to understand theoretically. Again, this market doesn’t even guarantee you that you can do all the work here by just following the numbers. 

Sometimes you will require to think outside the box too.  That’s why having a mental preparation and planned approach can help you achieve the best in this platform. In this article, we will try to cover some of the best methods to follow a perfect trading methodology  and build an effective trading system. 

Rule 1- Set a proper mindset

Many CFD traders suffer a lot to get used to the changing nature of the Forex market. Well, it is only natural for people to get confused at the beginning when they see how the numbers change at the speed of light. Believe us, we are not joking. Again, many investors have a hard time considering the changes in the market which leads them to becoming vengeful towards the market. However, one must remember that challenging the market will not even cause a scratch to the market, instead, it will deeply affect the mental health of the investor. That’s why investors need to be welcoming of changes in the market and have an optimistic attitude no matter what happens. This will help them to understand their weaknesses better and thus help them to become more successful investors.

Rule 2- Set your goal

Setting a goal is one of the most important tasks that need to be done by the traders before he begins making baits. You must have heard that ‘An aimless person is like a ship without a radar.’ This means if you don’t have a goal you will not have any idea of where to go and how to get there. When you have a goal in mind, you will desperately search for ways to reach it. This will help you to maintain your consistency in your work. That in turn will make you more enthusiastic. 

But no matter what time frame you use for achieving your goal, you will find a way to fulfil them if you are dedicated enough. It also helps to consider your priorities at work. Take a look at the top traders at Saxo. Soon you will get a clear idea of why setting up a realistic goal is so important to ensure your success in trading.

Rule 3- secure your investment

When you are beginning your journey in this industry you need to make sure that you have enough investment to deal with. You also need to consider which deal to work with when it comes to your investment amount. If you have an investment of $100 then you cannot expect to make deals worth $1000. This will be a dangerous decision to take as it may potentially cause harm to your investment. So, always try to ensure the security of your investment. You can adopt various means to prevent your investment from getting wasted. 

You can set a stop-loss level or risk to reward ratio which will tell you how much risk you can take in a deal. you can also invest with some leverage but since the risks it comes with is pretty high, we don’t advise this to the amateur ones. You should also look at the charts from time to time and do your research properly to make sure that you have good technical and fundamental analysis. 

Building a trading system will require using several tools, but most importantly you will need patience. So, never lose your patience when you are on this platform looking to make some easy money.